Céline Languedoc

A sparkling urban artist who transports us into a musical universe imbued with love, hope and freedom.

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LAGÉ MWEN (Main Mix)
LAGÉ MWEN (Motsek Kreyol Mix)
LAGÉ MWEN (Instrumental Mix)

A lively, bubbly, urban woman, from an early age she was gifted with an artistic and musical bent, and discovered a passion for singing. She soon became a soloist in her church choir, performing gospel hymns and classics filled with hope and freedom.

It was while moving from choir to choir that Céline came to the attention of professionals. She took her first steps as a backing singer for artists such as Chimène Badi, Garou, Dick Annegarn, Lokua Kanza, Kayna Samet and Ometis.

Céline recorded her first demos in soul, funk, jazz, pop and world, without losing her strong taste for Creole music and her Caribbean heritage.

She diversified her artistic talent into comedy with a West Indian troupe (Ti Bibine), while perfecting her singing skills.

In 2007, she played the character Shenzi in Walt Disney’s musical adaptation of “The Lion King” at the Théâtre Mogador in Paris for 3 years.

Céline travels and continues to sing her passion for music in other musical formations, multiplying her encounters and enriching her experiences.

Today, she remains convinced that beyond all things, love will always be eternal and universal.