Ed-Ward is a unique self-taught DJ and Producer hailing from Sasolburg, South Africa.

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MAMA - Ed-Ward Remix (Extended Mix)
MAMA - Ed-Ward Remix (Radio Edit)

Jabulani Edward Mzumbe, known as Ed-Ward, is a unique self-taught DJ and Producer hailing from Sasolburg, a small town in the far north of the Free State Province of South Africa.

His love for music and curiosity led him to experiment with various types of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. In 2010, Ed-Ward began his journey as a music producer, immersing himself in the art and refining his skills. Three years later, in 2013, he ventured into the world of DJing, expanding his musical repertoire.

Ed-Ward’s catalogue is inspired by his cultural background and experiences in South Africa’s vibrant music scene, particularly in the genre of house music.

Since the release of his first album The Wicked One, under the former House Afrika’s Mzansi House Vol.3 in 2016. He then released multiple EPs and singles on some of the most prestigious dance music labels in the world, Atjazz Record Label owned by the legendary Atjazz, Stay True Sounds by international DJ/Producer Kid Fonque, Sondela Records, and Ewaso Records.

His talent has taken him to various cities across the country and on an international scale, visiting Kenya where he left a lasting impression and garnered significant acclaim. These performances have become defining moments in his career, showcasing his unique sound and contributing to his rise as a respected DJ and producer in the dance music scene.