Every melody carries meaning.

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KISA NOU LÉ (Original Mix)
KISA NOU LÉ (Kevin Toy Remix)

Every melody carries meaning. It’s this connection that Keïla manages to establish in every musical moment she shares.

As an Afro-European singer, her style, which she defines as ‘Urban Afro Soul,’ falls in line with the lineage of nomadic artists and citizens of the world, akin to Stromae, the Nubians, Ibeyi, or even Erykah Badu.

Each day unfolds alongside the creativity she expresses through various art forms like singing, dancing, and theater. It’s on stage that Keïla conveys her emotions. Her performances resonate with power and authenticity, aiming for a communion with her audience. Beyond generous performances, Keïla offers profound messages of love, imagination, and joy. Much like a healer of the soul.

After several singles and collaborations, Keïla has unveiled her ‘Pure’ a 7 tracks EP on 2nd February 2024.