Kevin Toy

With “UNTIL SHE’S GONE”, the Techno Mélodic sound of KEVIN TOY accompanies the voice of WOZAN MONZA.

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KISA NOU LÉ (Kevin Toy Remix)
UNTIL SHE'S GONE (Original Mix)
UNTIL SHE'S GONE (Instrumental Mix)
NOU-KA (Kevin Toy Remix)

As caressing as it is trippy, cold as it is sensual, the dizzying melodic techno of this very young Parisian seeks to touch the heartstrings rather than make people dance with their arms in the air. The emotion prevails over the rhythm and the production is absolutely beautiful.” @libe

Multi-instrumentalist, KEVIN TOY is also a composer, arranger, and above all a huge enthusiast of electro sound and machines. Straight out of the techno universe, in 2022 he joined Motsek within the group “Ancestral Ka”, with whom he forged a new Electro universe.